Jaguar TCS Racing Accelerates into a High-Tech Future at New Headquarter

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In a strategic move poised to revolutionize the landscape of all-electric racing, Jaguar TCS Racing has shifted its gears to a state-of-the-art innovation center at the recently inaugurated Fortescue WAE facility in Oxfordshire. This relocation positions the British race team at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, ready to conquer the upcoming season of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

The new headquarters boasts a powertrain build lab, a workshop with dedicated car work bays, and a sub-assembly room, emphasizing Jaguar TCS Racing’s commitment to precision engineering. The powertrain build lab stands out as a crucial component, where the assembly of MGUs and inverters, integral parts of their powertrain hardware, takes place.

Notably, the facility houses the team’s driver-in-the-loop simulator, a critical space where drivers Mitch Evans and Nick Cassidy will fine-tune their skills and prepare for the challenges posed by the 2024 races. This includes navigating through both new and existing circuits, offering an exciting prospect for fans anticipating thrilling races in cities worldwide.

As part of their operational strategy, Jaguar TCS Racing’s remote operations room during the 2024 championship will be based at the Kidlington HQ. This innovation allows engineers to provide essential setup and strategy support to their counterparts at the racetrack, enhancing the team’s overall efficiency and coordination.

Formula E has long been a testbed for electric vehicle hardware and software, and Jaguar TCS Racing, in collaboration with its world-class partners, continues to lead the charge in developing cutting-edge technology. The ultimate goal is not only to secure World Championship success but also to glean race-to-road insights that contribute to advancements in electric powertrain, sustainability, and software technology.

To commemorate the launch of this groundbreaking facility, Jaguar TCS Racing hosted an exclusive immersion event, offering a glimpse into their technical innovations. The event, inaugurated by James Barclay, Managing Director of JLR Motorsport and Jaguar TCS Racing Team Principal, and Judith Judson, CEO of Fortescue WAE, showcased the team’s commitment to innovation, technology, and excellence.

The move to the new technical headquarters is hailed as a significant milestone by Barclay, who emphasized its timely nature as the team gears up for the 2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Barclay expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming season, emphasizing their pursuit of points, podiums, and race wins.

In partnership with Fortescue WAE, this state-of-the-art facility provides a world-class platform for Jaguar TCS Racing to engineer future success in the pinnacle of electric motorsport. The innovations developed in Kidlington are not confined to the racetrack; they align with Jaguar’s broader vision of becoming an all-electric, modern luxury brand from 2025. The collaboration signifies a commitment to sharing breakthroughs in electric vehicle technology with JLR to support the production of future vehicles.

As the anticipation builds for the 2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, Jaguar TCS Racing’s bold move into their new headquarters sets the stage for a season filled with excitement, technological advancements, and fierce competition. The fusion of innovation and competition is sure to captivate fans globally, making electric racing more than just a spectacle but a driving force for the future of automotive technology.




Source: LULOP

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