Mishi Yachts Launches with Innovative Carbon-Composite Sailing Yachts

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Yonca Shipyard, a well-regarded name in the composite boatbuilding industry, has introduced Mishi Yachts, a new brand focused on carbon-composite sailing yachts exceeding 24 meters in length. This move marks Yonca Shipyard’s first venture into the leisure sector, and it has already unveiled two impressive models: the Mishi 88 and the Mishi 102. These yachts are designed to offer the spaciousness and comfort of motoryachts while maintaining the elegance and performance of sailing vessels.

The Mishi 88 made its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2023, capturing the attention of attendees with its voluminous hull and exceptional living space. Originally built in 2019 for the personal use of Yonca Shipyard’s Chairman, Şakir Yılmaztürk, the Mishi 88 was designed with family comfort in mind. The feedback from the festival confirmed that there is a strong market demand for sailing yachts that provide ample space and luxurious accommodations.

Yılmaztürk shared his thoughts on the reception of the Mishi 88. “It was rewarding to hear in Cannes that we had hit the nail on the head with the Mishi 88,” he stated. “People cannot believe how much space there is on board, and the headroom below is exceptional. Working with Taka Yacht Design, our intention all along was to bring the comforts of motoryachting to the more refined platform of a sailing boat.”

Following the success of the Mishi 88, Mishi Yachts is set to unveil the Mishi 102 at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2024. This new model is expected to continue the trend of combining luxurious living spaces with the sleek lines and performance of a top-tier sailing yacht.

The carbon-composite construction of Mishi Yachts not only ensures durability and lightweight performance but also contributes to better fuel efficiency, making these yachts an environmentally friendly choice. The use of advanced materials and innovative design principles underscores Yonca Shipyard’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

Collaborating with Taka Yacht Design, Mishi Yachts has created vessels that offer a unique blend of comfort and style. The designs prioritize spacious interiors and exceptional headroom, making them ideal for families and groups who want to enjoy the sailing experience without sacrificing comfort.

The upcoming unveiling of the Mishi 102 is eagerly anticipated by the yachting community. Given the positive reception of the Mishi 88, expectations are high for the new model. Potential buyers and industry experts are keen to see how the Mishi 102 will enhance the brand’s reputation for combining luxury and performance.

Mishi Yachts’ entry into the leisure sailing market is a significant development for Yonca Shipyard. With nearly four decades of experience in composite boatbuilding, the shipyard is leveraging its expertise to create a new line of yachts that set a high standard for comfort and elegance in the sailing world.

As Mishi Yachts continues to develop and release new models, it is poised to become a prominent name in the industry. The focus on creating sailing yachts that offer the comforts of motoryachts while maintaining the aesthetic and performance qualities of sailing vessels is a distinctive approach that is likely to attract a wide range of customers.

For enthusiasts and professionals in the yachting world, Mishi Yachts represents an exciting new brand that combines tradition with innovation. The debut of the Mishi 102 at the Monaco Yacht Show will be a key event to watch, as it promises to showcase the latest advancements in yacht design and luxury.




Source: LULOP

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