Philips Addresses Healthcare Challenges with Innovative Ultrasound Systems at RSNA23

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In an effort to combat the daily challenges faced by healthcare systems worldwide, Royal Philips presented the next generation of its flagship ultrasound systems, EPIQ Elite and Affiniti, at the RSNA23 Annual Meeting in Chicago. These challenges include dealing with more patients with complex conditions and enhancing operational efficiency while reducing costs.

The advanced features incorporated into the ultrasound systems focus on driving clinical performance, providing advanced insights, and simplifying workflows for healthcare professionals. Among the notable features is the EPIQ Elite’s enhanced super-resolution MVI, offering a substantial improvement in spatial resolution for contrast-enhanced ultrasound, providing valuable information about blood flow in lesion characterization.

Philips’ new ultra-high frequency transducer, mL26-8, showcased at the event, improves spatial resolution by 36% and penetration by 64% compared to previous transducers. Other innovations, such as the Flow Viewer for 3D-like vascular flow imaging and the next-generation Auto SCAN Assistant, contribute to efficient image acquisition, reducing button pushes during exams by 54%.

The expanded tele-ultrasound capability of Philips Ultrasound Collaboration Live allows up to six users to collaborate in real-time during an ultrasound exam, potentially reducing the need for follow-up scans and additional patient travel.



Source: LULOP

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