BMW and Mercedes-Benz Unite for Comprehensive High-Power Charging Network Across China

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In a strategic move towards shaping the future of e-mobility in China, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. and Mercedes-Benz Group China Ltd. have announced a landmark collaboration. The automotive giants have inked a deal to establish a 50:50 joint venture, dedicated to operating a high-power charging network and delivering premium charging services to the Chinese market.

Anticipated to kick off operations in 2024, the joint venture’s initial focus will be on deploying high-power charging stations in key new energy vehicle (NEV) regions. By the conclusion of 2026, the collaborative effort aims to have a robust network comprising a minimum of 1,000 high-power charging stations, featuring around 7,000 charging piles, spanning the entire nation.

Pooling their global and Chinese charging expertise, BMW and Mercedes-Benz aspire to provide fast, convenient, and reliable charging solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the Chinese NEV market. The overarching goal is to enhance the public charging experience and set new benchmarks for electric vehicle infrastructure.

The high-power charging stations are set to incorporate cutting-edge charging technologies, ensuring an optimal and user-friendly charging process. While the premium charging network will be open to the public at large, customers of BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Group will benefit from exclusive features, including plug & charge and online reservation capabilities, contributing to a seamless digital experience.

Additionally, the joint venture is committed to environmental sustainability, aiming to source electricity from renewable sources wherever feasible. It is imperative to highlight that the successful implementation of this ambitious venture hinges on regulatory approval.

As BMW and Mercedes-Benz join forces to spearhead a comprehensive high-power charging network, this collaboration symbolizes a pivotal moment in the evolution of electric vehicle infrastructure. The amalgamation of technological prowess and environmental stewardship positions this initiative as a pioneering endeavor in the realm of sustainable e-mobility.


Photo: BMW

Source: LULOP

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