LAVOIE Series 1 E-Scooter: Redefining Micro Mobility with Style and Innovation

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LAVOIE, a pioneer in micro mobility solutions, has unveiled its latest creation—the Series 1 folding electric scooter. This remarkable e-scooter sets new standards with its impressive performance, sleek design, and unwavering commitment to safety.

At the heart of the Series 1 is the innovative FlowFold technology, a patent-pending feature that allows the scooter to unfold a world of convenience and possibilities. With an extended and wider deck, riders experience enhanced stability and smoother handling, akin to the comfort of driving an automobile. More than just a mode of transportation, the Series 1 promises to transform the daily commute into a gateway for personal growth, blurring the lines between work and play.

For early adopters and enthusiasts, LAVOIE is offering a limited edition Founders Edition of the Series 1. Limited to just 469 units, this exclusive model features a unique numbered plaque meticulously designed by the renowned design and engineering house CALLUM. Founders Edition owners will enjoy exclusive perks such as early access to product releases, updates, and private events, adding an extra touch of prestige to their ownership experience.

The Series 1 offers two versions, differentiated by battery size. The standard Series 1, priced at £1,890, comes with a 468Wh battery, providing a range of 40 km/25 miles per charge. Alternatively, the Series 1 Max, priced at £2,190, features a 702Wh battery, extending the range to 60 km/38 miles. With an average speed of 20 kph/12 mph in urban environments, the Series 1 guarantees a smooth and efficient ride. The scooter’s top speed exceeds 40 kph/25 mph, though it will be restricted to 25 kph/15 mph in relevant regions for safety purposes.

Emphasizing safety as a top priority, LAVOIE has designed the Series 1 with a waterproof hard shell to house the battery, ensuring robust protection. The scooter meets stringent safety standards set by American and European authorities, exemplifying LAVOIE’s unwavering commitment to rider safety and well-being.

To cater to different preferences, the #Lavoie App allows riders to customize their experience further. With three power modes to choose from—eco, cruising, and sport—riders can tailor their journeys according to their desired level of speed and power. The Series 1 can be fine-tuned via the app to achieve the perfect balance between performance and personal preference.

LAVOIE has opened pre-orders for all models of the Series 1 on their website. Interested customers can secure their place in line with a fully-refundable deposit of £500. Alternatively, a full payment deposit option is available, offering a 5% discount for those who choose to pay in advance.



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