Prepare for the Ultimate Dark Fantasy Adventure: Lords of the Fallen

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As the release of Lords of the Fallen approaches, cigames has unveiled the various editions that will be available to fans. Each edition offers unique content and collectibles, allowing players to immerse themselves further in the dark and treacherous world of the game. Set to launch on pc, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on October 13th, pre-orders are already open.

The Standard Edition of Lords of the Fallen includes the base game, providing players with a thrilling journey through the game’s expansive realms. For those seeking a more immersive experience, the Deluxe Edition, available in both physical and digital formats, offers additional content. Players who choose this edition will wield the power of the Dark Crusader Starting Class, complete with Isaac’s devastating Longsword, throwing knives, full armor set, and amulet. They will also gain access to a 100-page digital artbook filled with beautifully horrific illustrations, a digital soundtrack featuring the haunting harmonies of Mournstead, and a 3D model viewer to appreciate every in-game character in high-resolution detail.

For the most devoted fans, the Collector’s Edition of Lords of the Fallen is a true treasure trove. This physical edition includes the game along with a finely detailed 19cm Dark Crusader Figurine, a striking metal display case with LED mood lighting to showcase the figurine, a collector’s SteelBook featuring an exclusive design, a 100-page physical artbook, the digital soundtrack, the 3D model viewer, and a double-sided poster and art cards.

Pre-ordering any edition of Lords of the Fallen also comes with exclusive bonuses, such as bronze, silver, and gold armor tincts, as well as XP, HP, and MP items to aid players in their journey through the game.



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