OTAM Shipyard’s Flagship Luxury Yacht Progressing Smoothly on Schedule

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In preparation for its world debut at the 2024 Cannes Yachting Festival, the OTAM shipyard is making impressive strides in the construction of the OTAM 90 GTS luxury yacht. Developed by Giuseppe Bagnardi of BG Design Firm, this vessel epitomizes elegance and performance, while offering unparalleled comfort to its discerning owners.

The shipyard’s unwavering attention to detail is evident in the materials chosen for the yacht’s construction. The hull, entirely made of Aramat, a cutting-edge multi-layer composite fabric comprising glassfiber and Kevlar, ensures remarkable stiffness. Furthermore, carbon fiber is employed for components like the hard top and garage hatch, effectively reducing weight without compromising strength.

With a semi-open GTS version, the OTAM 90 GTS provides ample space for guests during day trips, while preserving the sporty characteristics that OTAM yachts are renowned for. The interior layout comprises three cabins, including a master suite, VIP cabin, and a guest cabin, as well as a lounge, dayhead, and office space. Owners have the freedom to customize various features, allowing them to create a truly personalized floating oasis.

Matteo Belardinelli, OTAM’s sales & communication manager, emphasized the project’s appeal, citing the yacht’s performance and the simplified regulations applicable to vessels under 24 meters. Belardinelli commented, “This project is generating a lot of interest because of her performance, the flexibility our custom approach offers, and the fact that the yacht comes under the simpler regulations for vessels under 24 meters.”

As the OTAM 90 GTS nears completion, enthusiasts and luxury yacht aficionados eagerly anticipate its debut at the 2024 Cannes Yachting Festival.


Photo: OTAM

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