Airbus and BMW Group Pioneer Quantum Computing Challenge for Aviation and Automotive Innovation

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Airbus and BMW Group have announced the launch of a global Quantum Computing Challenge, named “The Quantum Mobility Quest,” aimed at overcoming the most persistent challenges in aviation and automotive industries. This innovative initiative, open for submissions until April 30, 2024, welcomes entries from students, researchers, and professionals in Quantum Technologies.

“The Quantum Mobility Quest” represents a historic partnership between two industry leaders, Airbus and BMW Group, seeking to harness quantum technologies for real-world industrial applications. This first-of-its-kind challenge is poised to unlock the potential for more efficient, sustainable, and safer solutions, heralding a new era in transportation.

Dr. Peter Lehnert, Vice-President, Research Technologies at BMW Group, highlighted the focus on sustainability and operational excellence, anticipating significant advances in areas like battery and fuel cell materials, innovative designs, and user experience in BMW Group products.

The transformative power of quantum computing lies in its ability to enhance computational power and tackle complex operations that challenge today’s best computers. For data-driven industries like transportation, this emerging technology holds the key to revolutionizing industrial and operational processes.

Participants in the challenge are invited to address problem statements such as improved aerodynamics design, future automated mobility, sustainable supply chain optimization, and enhanced corrosion inhibition. Hosted by The Quantum Insider (TQI), the challenge comprises a four-month theoretical development phase and a subsequent phase where selected finalists will implement and benchmark their solutions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilitates the challenge by providing candidates access to their Amazon Braket quantum computing service, enabling the running of algorithms. A distinguished jury, including world-leading quantum experts and representatives from Airbus, BMW Group, and AWS, will evaluate proposals and award winning teams €30,000 in each of the five challenges by the end of 2024.

Registration for the challenge is open, with submissions accepted from mid-January through April 30, 2024, at

As the Quantum Mobility Quest gains momentum, the global community eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of quantum technology on the future of aviation and automotive industries.


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Source: LULOP

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