Death Trick: Double Blind – A Murder Mystery Unfolds on Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Indie World Showcase brought a surprise for gaming enthusiasts as Neon Doctrine and Misty Mountain Studio unveiled their collaborative project, “Death Trick: Double Blind,” set to grace the Nintendo Switch platform. This high-flying murder mystery takes players back to the mid-twentieth century, immersing them in the vibrant world of traveling circuses and enigmatic disappearances.

The storyline revolves around the vanishing act of Morgan’s Traveling Circus’s star magician, laying the foundation for an intricate and non-linear narrative. To crack the case, players will adopt the roles of two protagonists with distinct perspectives: a fellow magician intimately acquainted with the victim and a private eye grappling with amnesia.

“Death Trick: Double Blind” places a significant emphasis on player choices, offering a decision-making experience that shapes the outcome of the game. The clues pursued, characters interrogated, and locations visited will all influence the unfolding story, leading to multiple potential endings. The game’s vintage-style art and sound design aim to transport players to the heyday of the traveling circus, amplifying the suspense and drama.

Excitement is building with the immediate availability of the game’s demo on the Nintendo eShop, providing a taste of the captivating narrative awaiting players. The sprawling and non-linear nature of the storyline, combined with the allure of vintage aesthetics, promises an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

As the anticipation for the full release grows, “Death Trick: Double Blind” stands as a promising addition to the Nintendo Switch library, offering a blend of mystery, decision-making, and rich storytelling. What lies beneath the big top, and can you uncover the truth? The answers await as players gear up for the release of this intriguing murder mystery.




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