Stellantis and Symbio Propel Hydrogen Mobility with SymphonHy

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Symbio, the equally owned joint venture between Forvia, Michelin, and Stellantis, reinforces its commitment to hydrogen mobility with the inauguration of SymphonHy, Europe’s largest integrated hydrogen fuel cell gigafactory. The gigafactory, situated in Saint-Fons, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, is set to play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable and efficient mobility.

SymphonHy, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, has a current production capacity of 16,000 fuel cell systems, a figure set to rise to 50,000 by 2026. The gigafactory, certified “Very Good” by BREEAM, covers an expansive surface area, including cleanrooms, innovation spaces, and a dedicated Symbio Hydrogen Academy.

Stellantis, a key co-shareholder in Symbio, is poised to extend its hydrogen offering with large vans, Ram pickups, and heavy-duty trucks. Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, emphasizes the role of hydrogen in their electrification ecosystem, supporting the goal of 100% electric sales in Europe by 2030 and a carbon net-zero target by 2038.

SymphonHy is part of the €1 billion HyMotive project, supported by the European Union and the French government. The project aims to develop disruptive technology, creating 1,000 jobs and doubling production capacity to 100,000 systems annually by 2028. SymphonHy’s inauguration marks a significant achievement in the realization of the HyMotive project’s goals.

Philippe Rosier, CEO of Symbio, asserts SymphonHy as a testament to Europe’s industrial and technological leadership, ready to scale up and make hydrogen electric mobility a sustainable and affordable reality. The gigafactory’s rapid operationalization, with the assembly of the first 100% fuel cell system in October 2023, underscores Symbio’s ability to meet industrial commitments.

Symbio’s global aspirations include a presence in the United States, with a pilot plant in California and plans to build a new fuel cell gigafactory to support hydrogen mobility dynamics in North America. The collaboration with the German group Schaeffler to establish Innoplate for producing bipolar plates further strengthens Symbio’s position in the fuel cell technology market.

As SymphonHy propels hydrogen mobility, Symbio invites readers to share their thoughts on the future of sustainable transportation and the impact of hydrogen technology. Leave a comment below to join the conversation.x




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