Arizona Sunshine® 2 Cross-Platform Co-Op Modes Take Center Stage

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The Arizona Sunshine® 2 Gameplay Showcase has left the gaming community buzzing with excitement as Vertigo Games unveiled a plethora of updates and fresh footage for the highly anticipated VR action FPS sequel. With the game’s launch just around the corner on December 7th for PS VR2, Meta Quest, and PC VR, fans were treated to an extensive look at the campaign gameplay, highlighting the innovative cross-platform co-op modes and post-launch plans.

Arizona Sunshine® 2 is set to redefine the multiplayer gaming experience, featuring full cross-platform multiplayer functionality. The two-player co-op campaign mode and an endless Horde mode accommodating up to four players promise a dynamic and engaging experience. Building upon the success of the original game, Arizona Sunshine 2 introduces a myriad of VR interactions and mechanics, encouraging freestyle co-op play.

The post-launch support plans were revealed during the showcase, with three additional Horde mode maps set to be released in the game’s first year. The details of these maps, aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience, will be disclosed at a later date, keeping the anticipation alive among the gaming community.

In a surprising announcement, a Quest 3 Upgrade was unveiled for Arizona Sunshine® 2 on Meta Quest. Quest 3 players can enjoy an upgraded resolution from day one, with the post-launch Quest 3 Upgrade scheduled for December promising real-time shadows on dynamic objects, adding a visual dimension to the gameplay.

Game Director Peter Deurloo took the audience on an exclusive single-player campaign playthrough, unveiling a new standalone story crafted by Rob Yescombe. The introduction of Buddy, a loyal canine companion, and next-gen combat mechanics, including manual reloading, melee combat, and crafting, added depth to the gameplay.

The Gameplay Showcase also featured VR creators in duos, debuting the campaign co-op mode and sharing their experiences alongside Buddy in long-form videos on their channels. Lead voice-actor Sky Soleil, a special guest on the showcase, engaged in a lively discussion with the development team, providing insights into the process of stepping back into the shoes of Arizona Sunshine® 2’s witty protagonist.




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