AH Vrij Unveils High-Tech Railway Maintenance: Mercedes-Benz Actros Takes Center Stage

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AH Vrij, a prominent player in landscaping, excavation, and infrastructure, has stepped into a new era of railway maintenance with the introduction of a cutting-edge Mercedes-Benz Actros. This specialized vehicle, resembling a colossal “vacuum cleaner” on rails, is set to revolutionize the upkeep of railway lines in the Netherlands and Belgium.

AH Vrij, a family-owned business with a remarkable 65-year legacy, strategically chose the eye-catching yellow Actros to spearhead their latest maintenance initiative. The Actros, equipped with an excavator body and railway undercarriage, has quickly become an indispensable asset for the company. Rick Vrij, representing the family’s commitment to innovation, describes the Actros as a multifaceted machine, essentially a truck with a powerful vacuum cleaner mounted on top.

The primary task at hand for this technological marvel is the meticulous cleaning of critical railway infrastructure, including the Schiphol tunnel in the Netherlands. Deployed four times a year, the “vacuum cleaner” Actros undertakes the mammoth task of removing dust, sand, cans, and paper, requiring 27 nights to complete. Belgium also benefits from this advanced technology, with a seven-kilometer-long railway tunnel receiving a comprehensive cleaning regimen on twelve weekends.

The decision to enhance the company’s fleet with the Mercedes-Benz Actros 3351L, 6×4, was made in collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz Truck Bedrijven dealership. The compact dimensions and impressive gross train weight of 33 tons make this truck an ideal choice for efficient railway maintenance.

As AH Vrij continues to lead the way in innovative infrastructure solutions, the “vacuum cleaner” Actros symbolizes a commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility. This leap forward in railway maintenance technology not only showcases the company’s dedication but also hints at the transformative possibilities in the realm of infrastructure upkeep.




Source: LULOP

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