Kleanbus Urges UK Government to Incentivize Repowered Electric Buses

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On Clean Air Day, Kleanbus, an expert in bus repowering, emphasizes the urgency of transitioning to electric fleets to combat air pollution caused by transportation. Kleanbus is calling on the UK government to provide greater funding to help operators swiftly and affordably transition to zero-emission transportation. Repowered electric buses from Kleanbus offer a significantly lower purchase price compared to new electric buses and boast operating costs that are only a third of those associated with diesel buses.

The company’s ‘e-powertain module’ can efficiently convert both single and double-decker diesel buses to zero-emission vehicles. Through their rapid Kleanbus program, existing buses can be repowered within two weeks, ensuring minimal service disruptions. Repowering buses can result in fully electric bus fleets being achieved six years earlier than relying solely on the rollout of new zero-emission buses, which could potentially save over 4Mt CO2.

Kleanbus urges the UK government to take immediate action by implementing a national bus electrification strategy that includes incentivizing the purchase price of repowered electric buses in England & Wales. Their plea highlights the significant role that upcycling technologies like repowering can play in decarbonizing the bus fleet and improving air quality. Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts on this pressing issue.



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