Dive into Luxury with U-Boat Worx Super Sub

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U-Boat Worx has unveiled the Super Sub, a masterpiece of marine technology, at the Monaco Yacht Show. This innovative submersible sets a new standard for underwater adventures, blending advanced technology, safety, and sleek design.

The Super Sub is not just a submersible; it’s an underwater thrill ride. With an impressive 100 kW of thrust, it can reach speeds of up to 10 knots, surpassing even the average submersible. This remarkable speed allows passengers to glide alongside marine creatures, from sea turtles to dolphins, providing a VIP pass to the heart of the action.

Designed with a focus on passenger experience, the Super Sub features a fully acrylic pressure hull at the front, providing an unobstructed view in every direction. Safety is a top priority, with features like ‘maximum depth protection’ and a Safety Buoy ensuring passenger security.

The Super Sub is now available for delivery at the end of 2023, with additional units scheduled for delivery in 2024, starting at 5.2 million euros. Don’t miss the chance to secure your spot for an exclusive underwater experience like no other. What are your thoughts on this groundbreaking submersible?




Source: LULOP

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