Polestar 2 Introduces YouTube App and Enhanced Features in Latest OTA Update

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Polestar, the innovative electric vehicle manufacturer, has announced a significant update to its Range Assistant app as part of the latest OTA software update, P2.9. This update empowers Polestar 2 drivers to monitor and optimize their energy consumption for improved efficiency.

The enhanced Range Assistant app now allows drivers to monitor their energy consumption over the previous 20, 40, or 100 kilometers, providing real-time information that enables adjustments to driving styles. By gaining insights into their energy consumption patterns, drivers can adapt their driving habits to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

One of the key improvements is a revised algorithm that provides a more accurate projected range. This algorithm takes into account changes in environmental conditions and other factors that can influence energy efficiency. By considering real-time data, the Range Assistant app offers drivers more precise information about their vehicle’s range, enhancing their confidence and convenience during their journeys.

Moreover, Polestar has implemented a feature that allows drivers to view the real-world related range figure directly in the driver display. This figure reflects the vehicle’s actual energy consumption, providing drivers with personalized and localized data that enables them to make informed decisions. By displaying this information in the driver display, Polestar enhances the accessibility and convenience of real-time energy consumption monitoring.

The Range Assistant app update is part of Polestar’s ongoing commitment to offering its customers advanced technologies and features that optimize their electric driving experience. By empowering drivers with valuable insights into energy consumption and range, Polestar aims to encourage sustainable driving practices and contribute to a greener future.


Photo: Polestar

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