Toyota’s Sustainable Mobility Fleet for Paris 2024 Olympics

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Toyota, as the global mobility partner of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, is dedicated to providing inclusive and sustainable mobility solutions at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Their vision is centered on enabling ease of movement for all, regardless of physical abilities.

To achieve this, Toyota will offer personal and group mobility products, including seated and standing battery electric vehicles with front obstacle detection systems, designed to ensure safety and accessibility. Wheelchair users will have access to wheelchair e-pullers, further enhancing their mobility.

To promote efficient sharing of these personal micro-mobility solutions, Toyota will offer them as a shared mobility service powered by the KINTO Share mobile app. This initiative aims to maximize usage by Paralympians and staff while maintaining operational efficiency.

Toyota’s commitment extends to deploying zero tailpipe emission electric Accessible People Movers (APMs) designed to support athletes, organizers, volunteers, and spectators with physical disabilities. These APMs will play essential roles in shuttle services and logistics, embodying Toyota’s “Mobility for All” vision.


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Source: LULOP


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