KarmaZoo Set to Spread Joy and Cooperation on November 14

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In a heartwarming announcement, Pastagames, the renowned game developer, and Devolver Digital, the benevolent publisher, have unveiled their latest creation, KarmaZoo. This delightful cooperative platformer, designed for up to 10 players, is slated to launch on November 14, making its way to PS5, Xbox Series S|X, PC, and Nintendo Switch, with a modest price tag of 9,95 EUR.

KarmaZoo isn’t just your typical game; it’s a celebration of camaraderie, cooperation, and the joys of helping one another, even when things take an unexpected turn. Players will forge meaningful connections with randomly selected online companions as they collectively strive to amass the most valuable resource of all: Karma.

What sets KarmaZoo apart is its dynamic gameplay, where each run is a unique experience. The game adapts to factors like the size of your team, the characters you choose, and the perks you select. This ensures that no two sessions are identical, keeping players engaged and entertained.

Teamwork is the name of the game in KarmaZoo. Stick together, leverage your character’s unique strengths, and be prepared to make sacrifices for the greater good—all in the spirit of helping your teammates surmount the chaotic challenges that KarmaZoo throws your way. Every positive action you take, no matter how small, accumulates that precious Karma, which you can use to unlock new characters and abilities for future adventures.

KarmaZoo is designed to be inclusive, welcoming players of all levels, whether they’re newcomers or seasoned veterans. With support for 22 languages, cross-platform play between PC and consoles, and the option for private lobbies to enjoy the game exclusively with friends, KarmaZoo is set to create a global community united by a common goal.




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