Gaming Meets Philosophy in ‘[I] Doesn’t Exist’: An Exploration of Self and Surrealism

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DreadXP and LUAL Games have unveiled a captivating new addition to the gaming world with the release of “[I] Doesn’t Exist.” This modern text adventure blurs the lines between gaming and philosophy, delving deep into themes of control, isolation, and mental health.

Taking cues from acclaimed titles like “The Beginner’s Guide,” “Stories Untold,” “Buddy Simulator,” and the iconic “Zork,” “[I] Doesn’t Exist” pays homage to the rich tradition of narrative-driven gaming while venturing into uncharted territory. Featuring conversational text recognition, mesmerizing pixel art, and a dive into unconventional, intrapersonal themes, this game invites players to question the very essence of their humanity.

In “[I] Doesn’t Exist,” players awaken in an enigmatic forest where logic takes a back seat, and even mushrooms engage in friendly conversation. As they navigate puzzles and ponder their existence, the forest’s facade gradually reveals a darker underbelly.

The game’s blend of 2D and 3D perspective, combined with optical illusions, creates a surreal, dreamlike experience that mirrors the essence of its title. Thanks to modern “Natural Language Processing” technology, players can respond to in-game prompts with creativity and freedom, making it an accessible and immersive adventure for gamers of all backgrounds.




Source: LULOP


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