The Italian Sea Group Advances Construction of Fourth 60-Meter Ketch Sailing Yacht

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In the bustling Marina di Carrara shipyard, The Italian Sea Group is making significant progress on the construction of its fourth 60-meter ketch sailing yacht, a collaborative masterpiece with renowned naval architect Ron Holland. This project represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, embodying the unmistakable Perini Navi style while embracing a more modern design.

The yacht, designed for optimal safety and efficiency, boasts an aluminum hull and superstructure, weighing in at just under 500 gross tons with a displacement of approximately 570 tons. Noteworthy features include carbon fiber masts, booms, and rigging, signaling a commitment to cutting-edge technology. The sailing system has been revamped to enhance ease of handling, speed, and overall performance.

One of the groundbreaking elements is the state-of-the-art dynamic positioning system, eliminating the need for an anchor to maintain the yacht’s position and direction independently. Interior aesthetics are equally impressive, with French designer Remy Tessier infusing a blend of modernity and tradition into the owner’s suite and five guest cabins, creating an atmosphere of unostentatious luxury and refinement.

The Italian Sea Group, a prominent player in the global luxury yacht market, anticipates the yacht’s launch and delivery by the end of 2024. Giovanni Costantino, the Founder & CEO of The Italian Sea Group, expressed his satisfaction with the project, emphasizing the balance achieved between preserving Perini Navi’s distinctive style and introducing a more contemporary touch.

As this ambitious venture unfolds, the yachting community eagerly awaits the completion of this 60-meter marvel, a testament to The Italian Sea Group’s commitment to excellence in both design and functionality.




Source: LULOP

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