Bramble Energy Unveils Revolutionary Fuel Cell Technology

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Bramble Energy, a prominent player in the fuel cell technology sector, has recently released a groundbreaking whitepaper that unveils a clear pathway to creating the world’s most affordable fuel cell technology. This innovation is poised to bring about a significant transformation in the hydrogen economy, driving widespread adoption across mobility and energy sectors.

The whitepaper divulges Bramble Energy’s strategy to achieve a remarkable $100 per kilowatt stack, a price point that is ten times lower than current traditional fuel cell costs. Furthermore, it suggests that with rapid scaling, this cost could plummet even further to as low as $60. This substantial reduction in costs is anticipated to eliminate one of the major hurdles obstructing the widespread adoption of hydrogen, especially in sectors like transportation.

At present, conventional fuel cell technologies exceed the $1000/kW mark, making the $100/kW goal a substantial leap. Bramble Energy’s whitepaper introduces its patented printed circuit board (PCB) fuel cell technology, which is set to revolutionize the industry through innovative design, material selection, and manufacturing processes.

The whitepaper underscores the potential for achieving a PCB cost of $60/kW at a 1.5 Wcm-2 power rating with production in the hundreds of megawatts. Bramble Energy’s continuous innovation has led to the development of a new stack structure, further enabling significant cost reduction.

While this technology is currently in early-phase testing and is being worked on through its UK supply chain, it is expected to undergo short stack testing in Q4 2023, with full stack testing anticipated in Q2 2024.




Source: LULOP

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