Frank Stephenson Design to Lead Aerospace Capsule Design for HALO Space

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Frank Stephenson Design (FSD) has been appointed as the leader of design for HALO Space’s innovative aerospace capsule. HALO Space is at the forefront of developing a new type of space tourism, offering passengers a zero-emission journey to the edge of space. The modern capsule will ascend with a stratospheric balloon up to 40 km above Earth, providing passengers with a unique experience known as the Overview Effect.

This project further establishes #frankstephensondesign as a key player in future mobility design. With the first commercial flight planned for 2025, the lightweight capsule will accommodate eight passengers and a pilot, making it an exciting prospect for space enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Frank Stephenson, Founder of FSD, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Frank Stephenson Design is extremely excited to partner with HALO Space and deliver a stunning, sustainable near-space passenger experience through innovative design. This positions FSD as a leader in shaping the future of mobility across land, sea, and space.”

Carlos Mira, CEO of HALO Space, emphasized the importance of the capsule design, noting that it should prioritize safety and provide passengers with the utmost comfort, amenities, and technology. Mira expressed confidence in #frankstephensondesign’s expertise in combining quality, luxury, and cutting-edge design, which will greatly enhance the overall flight experience.



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