CENTOUNONAVI® Unveils ETEREA: A Luxurious Yacht for Sea Enthusiasts”

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CENTOUNONAVI®, the renowned “Made in Italy” superyacht brand, has recently introduced its latest masterpiece, ETEREA, a stunning 40-meter yacht designed for those seeking an intimate connection with the sea. ETEREA stands out with its sleek and streamlined profile, despite its impressive length.

One of the remarkable features of ETEREA is its stern, which offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding ocean, allowing passengers to fully immerse themselves in the maritime experience. The yacht also boasts a generous space for awnings and toys, and for those inclined, even a pickleball field.

Equipped with four MTU engines, each with a power output of 2,600 horsepower, and MJP water jets, ETEREA can achieve a top speed of 58 knots. The carbon fiber composite construction ensures not only a low displacement but also a remarkably silent cruising experience.

CENTOUNONAVI® was founded by Manuela Lucchesi, a visionary designer and entrepreneur, in collaboration with Marco Arnaboldi, a talented naval engineer. The brand has become synonymous with originality and excellence in yacht design and construction. Lucchesi’s entrepreneurial acumen and Arnaboldi’s technical expertise have given birth to a shipyard that produces innovative and sustainable creations.

ETEREA is a testament to the combined skills and expertise of CENTOUNONAVI®. The shipyard’s projects embody uncompromising performance, thanks to their custom-made composite construction and water jet propulsion. Inspired by the grace and efficiency of marine animals, the concept behind CENTOUNONAVI® projects revolves around the beauty of nature.



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