Stellantis and Hype Introduce Hydrogen-Powered Taxis for Individuals with Reduced Mobility

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In a pioneering move toward sustainable transportation solutions, Stellantis and Hype have unveiled their partnership, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the hydrogen mobility industry. The collaboration aims to provide hydrogen-powered vehicles that cater specifically to individuals with reduced mobility. The first phase involves the delivery of 50 zero-emission taxis, which have been meticulously adapted from the Peugeot e-Expert and Citroën ë-Jumpy models manufactured in France.

These wheelchair-accessible vehicles possess remarkable attributes that set them apart in terms of convenience, performance, and environmental impact. With a range of 400 km, these hydrogen-powered taxis can be refueled in just three minutes, ensuring maximum fleet availability. Furthermore, they combine the benefits of electric and hydrogen technologies, making them ideal for large-scale deployment. These vehicles align with Stellantis’ commitment to zero-emission vans and underscore the company’s leadership in the sector.

To ensure seamless and high-quality services for individuals with reduced mobility, Hype has established a dedicated organization. Specially-trained drivers, a priority access booking application, and real-time reporting on vehicle usage will guarantee a tailor-made experience for passengers. As part of their partnership, Stellantis and Hype have plans to expand the fleet by up to 1000 hydrogen-powered taxis by the end of 2024. The success of this initiative will depend on obtaining the “Parisian PRM taxi” operating license introduced by French authorities.

As we witness this groundbreaking collaboration unfold, it raises important questions about the future of sustainable transportation and inclusivity. Share your thoughts and perspectives on this innovative venture between Stellantis and Hype by leaving a comment below.



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