Samsung Launches Less Microfiber™ Filter to Combat Ocean Pollution

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amsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of its groundbreaking Less Microfiber™ Filter, a washing machine filter designed to combat the release of plastic microfibers during laundry cycles. By working in conjunction with industry partners Ocean Wise and Patagonia, Samsung aims to address the pressing issue of microplastics polluting our oceans. This new filter builds upon the success of Samsung’s Less Microfiber™ Cycle, offering an effortless and effective way to reduce microplastic emissions while doing laundry.

The Less Microfiber™ Filter goes above and beyond previous efforts, preventing up to 98% of microplastics from escaping into the ocean during washing. In practical terms, this amounts to stopping the release of as much microplastic as contained in eight 500ml plastic bottles every year when the filter is used four times a week. Currently available in Korea and the U.K., the filter will soon be introduced to other countries in the third quarter.

With microplastics causing growing concerns for both the environment and human health, Samsung recognized the urgent need for innovative solutions. Moohyung Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D Team of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the company’s dedication to addressing this issue, stating, “With microplastics emissions to our oceans continuing to increase and regulations being strengthened in many countries, as well as microplastics becoming a growing health concern for people everywhere, Samsung worked with Ocean Wise and Patagonia to engineer technology to prevent the release of microplastics from our daily life.”

The Less Microfiber™ Filter not only offers exceptional microplastic reduction but also ensures convenience and accessibility for users. Designed with a mountable style, it can be easily used with standard washing machine models, making it available to a wide range of customers. Additionally, the filter is constructed using recycled plastics, promoting sustainability throughout its entire lifecycle. It requires cleaning only once a month due to its innovative blade system, which captures and compresses microplastics.

As a company committed to a sustainable future, Samsung aims to integrate eco-conscious practices into every stage of its product development. By connecting with Samsung’s SmartThings platform, the Less Microfiber™ Filter provides users with real-time monitoring and alerts, ensuring efficient maintenance and troubleshooting.

The launch of the Less Microfiber™ Filter is just the beginning of Samsung’s sustainability journey. Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy at Patagonia, expressed enthusiasm for future collaborations, remarking, “Samsung Electronics and Patagonia’s efforts to reduce harmful microplastics emissions being released into our oceans do not end here. We look forward to bringing this collaborative, sustainable spirit to further projects with industry partners to create even more solutions that combat marine pollution.”

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s Less Microfiber™ Filter? How do you think such innovations can contribute to combating microplastic pollution? Leave a comment below and share your perspective.



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