Next-Gen ‘Cloudpunk’ Set to Dazzle Xbox Series X Gamers on October 16

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n an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts, Maximum Entertainment publisher Merge Games and developer ION LANDS have officially announced that the popular neon-noir delivery game, ‘Cloudpunk,’ is making its way to Xbox Series X on October 16. This eagerly awaited release promises to take players on an immersive journey through a cyberpunk metropolis like never before.

The new version of ‘Cloudpunk’ has been overhauled and optimized for the next generation, offering enhanced features and performance. Current owners of the digital version on Xbox will receive the upgrade for free, making it a must-play for fans of the game. Among the improvements are faster loading times, higher fidelity visuals, and the addition of a thrilling Cockpit mode, guaranteeing an even more engaging experience.

‘Cloudpunk’ initially garnered recognition with nominations for Indie Game of the Year and Excellence in Art, Animation & Visual Achievement upon its original launch in 2020. The game’s neon-noir setting, set in the sprawling city of Nivalis, celebrates the cyberpunk aesthetic, inviting players to explore every nook and cranny of this rain-drenched metropolis.

Venturing deep into the city streets, players can traverse from the Marrow below to the towering spires above, all while scraping the edge of the troposphere. As a ‘Cloudpunk’ driver, no delivery job is too dangerous, and no one is faster. Your journey unfolds in a neon-noir story, and on your first night on the job, you must adhere to two rules: Don’t miss a delivery and don’t ask what’s in the package.

For Xbox Series X|S owners, this release promises to be a visual delight with upscaled 4k at 30fps or 1440p at 60fps on Series X, and 1080p at 60fps on Series S. Players who own the digital version on Xbox One will also be pleased to know that they’re eligible for an automatic upgrade to the Series X|S version.

The revamped ‘Cloudpunk’ is brought to life with greater volumetric lighting, increased rendering draw distance, and fog quality, making it easier to get lost in the depths of the city. With higher quality bloom and enhanced skyboxes, the game’s aesthetics promise to be a treat for the eyes.

One of the most anticipated additions is the cockpit mode, which allows players to experience the cyberpunk world from a brand-new perspective. Now, you can put yourself in the driver’s seat and truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this unique universe.



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