Ziggurat Interactive Unveils Deluxe Edition of Slave Zero™ X with Exclusive Comics

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Prepare for a gaming experience like no other as Ziggurat Interactive introduces the Deluxe Edition of Slave Zero™ X. In this edition, players will delve deeper into the Slave Zero universe through original comics created by industry icons Ant Williams and Andy Lanning, formerly of Marvel, DC Comics, and Disney. These exclusive comics provide a unique narrative backdrop to the brutal hack-and-slash side-scroller.

The physical editions of the game boast a treasure trove of Slave Zero-themed collectibles, including platform-specific skins, guidebooks with captivating art, an exclusive outer box, and postcards that transport players to the dystopian world of Megacity S1-9. Early adopters are in for a treat with various pre-order incentives, such as 72 hours of early access for PlayStation digital pre-orders and additional digital content for physical copies.

Scheduled for release on February 21, 2024, Slave Zero™ X promises an intense gaming experience, plunging players into the heart of Megacity S1-9. As Shou, the protagonist, merges with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, players will confront the iron-fisted rule of SovKhan.




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