Volvo Introduces Updated Electric Trucks for Zero-Emission Urban Transport

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In a bid to meet the growing demand for sustainable urban transport, Volvo Trucks has unveiled its updated medium-duty electric trucks, the Volvo FL and FE. These trucks are designed to address the challenges of city logistics while contributing to zero-emission goals.

Cities around the world are increasingly implementing clean city zones, and companies are prioritizing sustainability in their operations. Volvo’s electric trucks, with an impressive electric range of up to 450 km, are positioned to play a crucial role in achieving these environmental targets. The trucks are ideal for various city applications, including distribution, refuse handling, and urban construction.

One notable improvement is the nearly doubled AC charging capacity of the battery-electric trucks, reducing charging time by approximately 50 percent. The updated battery packs offer a total range of 450 km on a single charge, making them suitable for a wide range of urban transportation needs.

Safety is a top priority in the design of the Volvo FL and FE trucks. With limited space shared with cars, cyclists, kick-bikers, and pedestrians in busy urban areas, these trucks come equipped with new safety features that surpass the General Safety Regulations set to take effect in 2024.

The new models also boast a refreshed design with distinct LED headlights, a revamped front end, and an enhanced iron mark. All powertrain variants, including electric, gas, and diesel, have been upgraded with new features to better serve the evolving needs of modern businesses in the city.

The exterior mirrors have been slimmed down to provide better direct vision for the driver, and the interior now features new LED lights and a lockable storage space. Additionally, the trucks can be equipped with a 360˚ bird’s-eye-view camera solution and/or a side-view camera, enhancing overall visibility and safety.

Orders for the new Volvo FL and FE models are open now, with customer deliveries scheduled to begin in the first half of 2024.

As we witness the evolution of urban transportation towards sustainability, Volvo’s commitment to innovation is evident. What are your thoughts on the role of electric trucks in shaping the future of city logistics? Leave your comments below and join the conversation.

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