California’s Fusion Energy Legislation Sets a Global Standard

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California has taken a pioneering step in the energy sector with the signing of Assembly Bill 1172, marking a historic milestone for fusion energy. Crafted by State Assemblymember Lisa Calderon and propelled through the Senate by Senator Josh Newman, this groundbreaking legislation highlights the state’s dedication to recognizing the safety and environmental benefits of fusion energy. Moreover, it sets the stage for a tailored regulatory framework, acknowledging the uniqueness of this revolutionary technology.

With California as home to TAE Technologies, a leader in the fusion energy industry, the state has become the first in the U.S. to legally distinguish fusion energy from traditional nuclear fission. Assembly Bill 1172 also underscores the importance of fusion energy in helping California achieve its renewable energy and climate objectives, promoting workforce development within the renewable energy sector.

TAE Technologies, the nation’s foremost private company in the pursuit of fusion energy commercialization, wholeheartedly supports the legislation, emphasizing the necessity for specialized regulation that caters to fusion’s unique characteristics.

This historic legislation comes on the heels of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s net energy achievement and mirrors the global effort to harness fusion for commercial use. Assembly Bill 1172 charges the California Energy Commission with the task of identifying the regulatory and policy actions required to integrate fusion into the state’s energy system. It also formally defines fusion energy in California law, focusing on safety and public trust while distinguishing it from traditional nuclear fission.

Assemblymember Lisa Calderon noted the progress within the fusion industry and its role in developing clean energy systems to meet climate goals. State Senator Josh Newman recognized the promise of commercial fusion for California’s clean energy future and the creation of high-skilled jobs.




Source: LULOP

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