Volvo Penta and FTMH Collaborate to Electrify Forklifts

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Volvo Penta and FTMH (Fantuzzi Team Material Handling) have announced an expansion of their partnership to include electric forklifts. This collaboration highlights the trust placed in Volvo Penta’s modularized electric platform and its approach as a full system supplier for the latest electromobility technology.

FTMH, an Italian heavy equipment manufacturer, has chosen to continue its strong collaboration with Volvo Penta to electrify a range of forklift models. The decision to strengthen this partnership is a testament to the adaptability and modularity of the Volvo Group’s electrification platform, which unlocks more opportunities for various applications.

As part of this partnership, a complete range of e-forklifts, ranging up to 52 tonnes, will be developed. The first model to undergo electrification will be the FTF 26-12, currently powered by a Volvo Penta D8 engine. The new electric variant, named FTF 26-12 EL, will feature a 600V electric drivetrain powered by a Volvo Penta battery system with a capacity of 360 kWh. To ensure maximum uptime, the machine will support high-power charging at rates of up to 250 kW DC, allowing for a full charge in just over an hour and enabling opportunity charging during breaks in operation.

Zeyd Okutan, Product Manager at Volvo Penta, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Port operations and logistic terminals are a good fit for electrification, and we see great opportunities for fleets with zero-emission vehicles, including forklifts. Good infrastructure and well-defined duty-cycles will ease the transformation of the industry, bringing benefits including reduced noise, increased uptime, and productivity.”


Photo: Volvo

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