Bosch and Arnold NextG Collaborate to Bring Steer-by-Wire Systems to Market

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Bosch, a leading provider of technology and services, has partnered with startup Arnold NextG to revolutionize the automotive industry through steer-by-wire systems. This collaboration aims to accelerate the production and availability of these cutting-edge steering systems on a commercial scale by the mid-2020s.

Steer-by-wire systems, which eliminate the physical connection between a vehicle’s steering wheel and wheels, have been identified as the future of steering technology. Bosch, a pioneer in electric steering systems, recognized the immense market potential and is committed to driving their development forward. Dr. Gerta Marliani, president of Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH, shared her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We’re seeing rapidly rising demand for steer-by-wire systems. We’re excited to see the momentum this alliance will lend to our work on system optimization.”

Arnold NextG brings specialized expertise in the development of multi-redundant drive-by-wire systems for autonomous driving applications. With their unique knowledge and experience, the startup has successfully developed retrofit solutions and obtained system approvals for driving on public roads more efficiently. By partnering with Arnold NextG, Bosch aims to expedite the development process and enable large-scale production of steer-by-wire solutions.

The introduction of steer-by-wire technology offers significant advantages beyond traditional steering systems. It allows for innovative vehicle interior designs, where the steering wheel can be lowered or stowed away, opening up possibilities for futuristic cockpit concepts, especially in the era of automated driving. Furthermore, this technology enables enhanced safety features in vehicle dynamics control, as small automated steering interventions can stabilize the vehicle without the driver’s awareness. Additionally, vehicle manufacturers can tailor the driving experience to meet their specific requirements.

The integration of drive-by-wire technology is particularly crucial for individuals with severe physical mobility impairments, ensuring their direct access to the advancements in autonomous and automated driving, assistance, and safety systems. As Bosch and Arnold NextG join forces, they propel the automotive industry towards a future where steer-by-wire systems play a central role. We invite you to share your thoughts on this technological breakthrough and its potential impact on future mobility.


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