Experience the Future of Smart Refrigeration with Samsung’s Bespoke Family Hub™+

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Samsung has announced the availability of the new Bespoke Family Hub™+ refrigerator, the latest addition to its line of smart appliances. This eighth-generation refrigerator offers advanced features and customization options, combining style with intelligent technology.

The Family Hub™+ refrigerator builds on the success of its predecessor, delivering a seamless user experience and convenient controls for multi-tasking in the kitchen. With a larger, bezel-less 32-inch Full-HD screen, it offers two times more display space than standard Family Hub models. The enhanced dashboards allow users to effortlessly manage meal planning, shopping lists, family calendars, and even watch their favorite shows through the integrated Samsung TV Plus feature.

Moreover, the Bespoke Family Hub+ serves as a central hub for controlling compatible smart home devices. The SmartThings Hub built-in offers a unified platform for managing and connecting various devices, simplifying the smart home experience. The fridge also comes with SmartThings Energy, which allows users to monitor and optimize their energy consumption, contributing to more sustainable living.

In the kitchen, the Bespoke Family Hub+ acts as a powerful cooking assistant. With advanced food AI capabilities and SmartThings Cooking services, it provides personalized recipe recommendations and meal plans based on individual preferences. The built-in AI cameras recognize food products, helping users keep track of their inventory and plan their meals more efficiently. Additionally, the SmartThings Cooking Community offers a wealth of recipes and cooking tips from around the world, fostering a sense of culinary exploration.

The Bespoke Family Hub+ refrigerator doesn’t just excel in functionality; it also allows for personalization. With a range of colors and finishes available, users can choose the one that best reflects their personal style. Inside the fridge, Samsung’s popular Bespoke features, such as the Beverage Center™ and Dual Auto Ice Maker, offer added convenience and customization options.

The Bespoke Family Hub+ refrigerator is set to revolutionize the kitchen experience with its intelligent technology, stylish design, and personalized features. Reserve now and be one of the first to enjoy this cutting-edge appliance that truly understands and adapts to your needs.


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