Solar-Powered Luxury Villas by eD-TEC: A New Era in Sustainable Living

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Pioneering e-solutions company eD-TEC has announced an exciting new project that combines luxury living with cutting-edge sustainable technology. Known for their innovative electric drivetrains, eD-TEC is now venturing into real estate with the development of five ultra-luxurious, off-grid villas in Croatia. This ambitious project not only exemplifies the pinnacle of luxury but also sets a new standard for sustainable living.

eD-TEC has earned a reputation for its innovative eD-QDrive electric drivetrain, a technology that has revolutionized electric boating. The eD-32 c-Ultra high-performance electric RIB, equipped with the eD-QDrive system, provides a silent and emission-free boating experience, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy marine adventures while minimizing their environmental impact.

The new villa development in Croatia represents a significant expansion of eD-TEC’s mission. Each villa will be predominantly off-grid, powered by an integrated solar energy system and state-of-the-art battery storage. This sustainable energy solution ensures that the villas operate independently of traditional power grids, promoting a self-sufficient and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Future homeowners will have the opportunity to personalize their villas according to their tastes and needs. From layout to interior finishes, eD-TEC offers a range of customization options to create a home that reflects the owner’s unique style. Scheduled for completion in winter 2025/26, these villas promise a blend of luxury and sustainability that is both modern and timeless.

In addition to luxurious living spaces, each villa will come with an eD-32 c-Ultra electric RIB. These high-performance boats are designed for quiet, emission-free exploration of Croatia’s stunning lakes, fjords, and coastlines. This feature highlights eD-TEC’s commitment to providing sustainable and enjoyable experiences for their clients.

eD-TEC’s vision extends beyond residential development. The company is also planning Croatia’s first SMART area, a CO2-neutral tourist destination that integrates advanced technology with sustainable practices. This initiative aims to create an eco-friendly tourist hotspot that reduces carbon footprints and promotes sustainable tourism.

The introduction of these solar-powered luxury villas by eD-TEC signifies a remarkable step forward in the fusion of luxury living and sustainability. As the project moves towards completion, it is poised to set a new benchmark in eco-friendly real estate development.


Image: ED TEC


Source: LULOP

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