Bentley Motors to Unveil Third Coachbuilt Masterpiece on May 7

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On May 7, 2024, Bentley Motors is set to unveil the third installment in their series of coachbuilt luxury vehicles, marking yet another milestone in automotive craftsmanship. Following the resounding success of the Bacalar barchetta and Batur coupe, this new addition promises to captivate enthusiasts with its bespoke design and meticulous attention to detail.

Crafted by Mulliner, Bentley’s revered in-house bespoke division, this upcoming model embodies the essence of individuality and exclusivity. With only 16 examples slated for production, each car represents a masterpiece in its own right, destined to be cherished by discerning collectors.

What sets this release apart is not only its limited availability but also its significance as one of the final Bentleys to feature the iconic W12 engine. As automotive technology evolves, this marks a poignant moment for enthusiasts who appreciate the heritage and performance synonymous with Bentley’s legacy.




Source: LULOP

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