LEVC’s Electric TX: Transforming London’s Black Cabs into Eco-Friendly Icons

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london, being a global metropolis, is at the forefront of reducing environmental impact, and LEVC’s electric TX is a key player in achieving this goal. Over 50 percent of the city’s 14,700 black taxis are actively contributing to cleaner air, and the overall environmental footprint of London’s taxi fleet is witnessing a rapid decline.

In a groundbreaking achievement for sustainable urban mobility, more than half of London’s iconic black cab fleet has transitioned to zero-emission capability with LEVC’s electric TX. The taxi, renowned for its class-leading electric technology, is playing a pivotal role in steering London toward its net zero target.

The success of LEVC’s electric TX is not confined to London’s borders but resonates globally. Powered by revolutionary eCity technology, the electric TX has covered more than 700 million miles worldwide, preventing over 200,000 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions since its introduction in 2018.

LEVC’s CEO, Alex Nan, expressed gratitude to London’s black cab drivers, acknowledging their instrumental role in surpassing this milestone. Nan highlighted the sustainable mobility solution the TX provides, saving an impressive 200,000 tonnes of CO2 globally. While commending London’s leadership in this regard, Nan emphasized the potential for other cities to follow suit, improving air quality and benefiting both the public and the environment.

Nan also stressed LEVC’s commitment to collaboration with policymakers, showcasing the positive impact of the TX in cities. The goal is to build a greener and more accessible transport network tailored for everyone.

Helen Chapman, Director of Licensing and Regulation at Transport for London, applauded the achievement, recognizing the black taxis as global symbols. Chapman emphasized the contribution to tackling the city’s health emergency through zero-emission capable vehicles. The milestone reflects London’s dedication to becoming a greener and more sustainable city, with a focus on reducing harmful chemicals in the air and mitigating the environmental impact of road transport.

The TX taxi, a symbol of inclusivity, is designed to accommodate all passengers, irrespective of age or disability. With space for up to six passengers and an integrated wheelchair ramp, it stands out as the only taxi capable of accommodating a forward-facing wheelchair.

As LEVC’s electric TX fleet continues to grow, London sets an example for other cities, showing that transitioning to electric vehicles is not only environmentally responsible but also economically viable. The city’s commitment to green transportation aligns with a broader effort to establish more electric vehicle charging points, further solidifying London’s position as a leader in sustainable urban living.


Photo: LEVC


Source: LULOP

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