Blood West: Final Chapter Set to Haunt Screens from December 5 Onwards

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Prepare for an immersive plunge into the unknown as Blood West, the stealth and horror-infused wild west immersive sim, gears up for its 1.0 launch on December 5, 2023. Hyperstrange developers have released an engaging new trailer, offering players a glimpse into the chilling challenges that await in the game’s third and final chapter.

As players embark on a journey as revenant desperados, the game’s extensive RPG elements weave a captivating storyline, challenging them to confront demons and eldritch horrors in their quest to break the curse befallen upon the wild west. The addition of Stephen L. Russell, renowned for his roles in Thief and Dishonored 2, brings an extra layer of authenticity to the immersive experience.

With an overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam during Early Access, boasting a 92% positive rating from over 1,600 reviews, Blood West is set to captivate audiences with over 20 hours of playtime across its three chapters. Share your thoughts and expectations for this riveting adventure in the comments below and join the community as they eagerly await the December 5 release.




Source: LULOP

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