Prepare for Ethical Crossroads in ‘My Lovely Empress’

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In an exciting development for fans of macabre creature collector and empire management games, Southeast Asian publisher Neon Doctrine and developer GameChanger Studio unveiled a brand new trailer for “My Lovely Empress” at The Indie Horror Showcase. The trailer provided a glimpse into the mysterious and intriguing world of Yaoguai, powerful and forbidden entities that play a central role in the game.

“My Lovely Empress” marks the ambitious conclusion to the much-loved “My Lovely…” trilogy, which includes “My Lovely Wife” and “My Lovely Daughter.” In this installment, players step into the role of Emperor Hong, who, in his sorrow following the death of Empress Xiang, makes the daring choice to form an unholy alliance with the enigmatic Yaoguai. The objective? To resurrect his beloved Empress at any cost.

The heart of the game lies in building and managing the Crimson Kingdom, utilizing the unique abilities of the Yaoguai to tackle the challenges of empire management. As you progress, you are faced with a pivotal decision: do you use the dark allure of the Yaoguai to further your goals, even if it means sacrificing your own people?

“My Lovely Empress” presents players with a profound moral dilemma, where every choice directly impacts the storyline. Drawing inspiration from East and Southeast Asian mythology, the game captivates players with its mesmerizing ink-brush art style, evocative soundtrack, and immersive gameplay mechanics.

The game’s key features include resource management, mythology, and empire simulation, fostering relationships with the Yaoguai, diplomatic interactions with other rulers, and an unfolding story that is shaped by your decisions. “My Lovely Empress” is set to release on multiple platforms in 2024, including Windows PC, Xbox One and Series X|S, PlayStation 4|5, and Nintendo Switch.




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