Philips and World Stroke Organization Collaborate to Tackle Stroke Worldwide

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Royal Philips and the World Stroke Organization (WSO) have united forces in a groundbreaking two-year partnership, aimed at enhancing the quality of stroke care on a global scale. Philips, renowned for its expertise in health technology, and WSO, the world’s sole non-governmental organization dedicated to stroke, are committed to driving improvements in stroke prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and support. This alliance seeks to elevate public awareness regarding the global impact of stroke.

In line with their mission to improve stroke patient outcomes, Philips and WSO have outlined their first steps, commencing with collaborative efforts on World Stroke Day 2023, scheduled for October 29. The primary goal is to foster a deeper understanding of stroke as a pressing global health issue, a vital aspect of enhancing patient care and well-being.

The partnership will center around advocacy, education, and raising awareness of stroke as a global healthcare challenge. Dr. Atul Gupta, Chief Medical Officer of Image Guided Therapy at Philips, underscores the significance of both innovation and public awareness in optimizing stroke care. The aim is to offer groundbreaking, high-quality care to patients, enabling them to regain a semblance of normalcy in their lives after suffering a stroke.

Stroke, an ailment impacting millions worldwide, holds the second position among leading causes of death and is the primary cause of disability. Philips, a pioneer in rapid stroke treatment solutions, offers an array of services, from ambulance-based monitoring to AI-supported diagnostic imaging. These innovative solutions are poised to transform the landscape of stroke care.



Source: LULOP

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