Airbus Helicopters and PHI Group Join Forces for Energy Market

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Airbus Helicopters and PHI Group (PHI) have joined forces in a significant move by signing a framework agreement that outlines their commitment to the global energy market. This comprehensive agreement includes firm commitments for the acquisition of 20 super-medium H175 helicopters and 8 H160 helicopters. These advanced aircraft are designed to cater to the evolving needs of the energy sector, both worldwide and in the United States. The agreement encompasses firm orders and purchase options that PHI can exercise throughout the duration of the framework agreement.

PHI Group’s CEO, Scott McCarty, stressed their unwavering dedication to leading the industry with the safest and most reliable helicopter fleet. He emphasized that this agreement is a pivotal element of their broader strategy, aimed at injecting new technology into an industry that has experienced a resurgence following years of underinvestment. McCarty expressed PHI’s enthusiasm for the continued partnership with Airbus and their preparations to deploy these state-of-the-art aircraft to serve customers across the globe.

Airbus Helicopters CEO Bruno Even expressed gratitude to PHI for their ongoing trust in Airbus’ H160 and their decision to add the H175 for long-range missions to their growing fleet. Even underscored PHI’s reputation in the industry for innovation and safety leadership. In a market where passenger safety, economic competitiveness, and energy efficiency are paramount, the H160 and H175 are poised to offer reliable solutions in the years ahead.

PHI has a remarkable history of 74 years in supporting the energy industry. Presently, the company operates a fleet of over 200 helicopters worldwide, serving diverse markets, including energy and air medical. PHI’s Airbus fleet includes a range of models, with the H175 being the most recent addition.

The H175, in service since 2015, belongs to the super-medium class of helicopters, offering a blend of long-range capabilities and smooth flight characteristics. This makes it an ideal choice for various mission profiles, such as offshore crew changes, public services, and private and business aviation. Currently, 54 H175 helicopters in service have collectively logged around 195,000 flight hours, with 170,000 hours dedicated to the energy sector.

The H160, designed as a versatile multi-role helicopter, is well-suited for a wide range of missions. It integrates Airbus’ latest technological innovations and incorporates a light maintenance plan, optimizing operating costs and ensuring high availability. The helicopter is powered by the latest Arrano engines from Safran Helicopter Engines, delivering a 15% reduction in fuel consumption. Notably, both the H175 and H160 are already certified to operate with up to 50% sustainable aviation fuel.

The collaboration between Airbus Helicopters and PHI Group signifies their shared commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions to the energy market. The introduction of these advanced helicopters marks a significant step forward in addressing the sector’s evolving transportation needs.




Source: AIRBUS

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