JAXA and Toyota Collaborate on Lunar Cruiser for Moon Exploration

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Since 2019, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota have been collaborating on a remarkable project known as the “Lunar Cruiser.” This ambitious endeavor aims to enable crewed exploration activities on the moon, aligning perfectly with JAXA’s global space exploration goals.

The moon, a celestial body with distinct challenges, presents unique conditions for exploration. It boasts just one-sixth the gravity of Earth, temperature extremes ranging from -170 to 120 degrees Celsius, a complete vacuum environment, intense radiation exposure, and a surface covered with lunar sand, or regolith. In the face of these daunting conditions, the Lunar Cruiser seeks to provide astronauts with a high level of mobility, ensuring their safety and comfort during lunar exploration.

Toyota, drawing from its extensive experience in vehicle development, will bring its signature reliability, durability, driving performance, and fuel cell (FC) technology to the Lunar Cruiser project. This collaboration holds great promise not only for space exploration but also for the future of automotive and sustainable technology here on Earth.




Source: LULOP

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