FLIR ONE Edge: Affordable, Cable-Free Thermal Imaging for All

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Teledyne FLIR’s latest innovation, the FLIR ONE Edge, is revolutionizing the world of thermal imaging with its user-friendly features and affordability. This wireless thermal and visible camera system, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, connects seamlessly via the FLIR ONE app, making it an accessible tool for anyone, from individuals to large organizations.

The FLIR ONE Edge features Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®), which enhances image clarity by overlaying visible edge detail onto thermal images without sacrificing thermal information. With an 80 × 60 resolution Lepton® thermal camera paired with a 640 × 480 resolution visible camera, it delivers crisp and easily interpretable images. Moreover, its rugged design, with an IP54 rating and a drop-test rating of up to 2 meters (6.6 feet), ensures durability in various environments.

Whether you prefer to hold it in one hand, attach it to your mobile device, or place it on a ledge for remote monitoring, the ergonomic form factor of the FLIR ONE Edge offers versatility like no other.



Source: LULOP

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