August 16 Marks the Arrival of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood: An Enchanting Narrative Awaits

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Gamers and enthusiasts can mark their calendars for August 16 as Deconstructeam, the mystical game makers from Spain, join hands with Devolver Digital to unveil their latest creation, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood. This unique gaming experience will be available for adventure-seekers on both PC and Nintendo Switch platforms.

A captivating new trailer, released recently, shines a spotlight on the game’s complex narrative, weaving together a tapestry of magic, divination, and danger, uniting a diverse cast of characters in an enthralling saga. The game’s central theme centers around the notion that while players might not be architects of their circumstances, they bear the weight of responsibility for the outcome.

Taking on the role of Fortuna, a witch with a history of exile, players will have the power to craft a custom tarot deck, infusing each card with arcane properties that grant them distinct traits and abilities. This deck will prove crucial in shaping the destinies of the characters populating the game’s enthralling universe.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood promises to be a journey through time, exploring essential themes such as identity, community, and personal responsibility. Can you steer your coven away from a dire fate, or will it succumb to an inevitable dark future?

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