ROCCAT Launches the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – A Masterpiece for PC Gamers

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PC gamers worldwide have a new mechanical marvel to rejoice in as ROCCAT proudly presents the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Building on the success of the Vulcan 120 series, this latest addition debuts the brand’s TITAN II Mechanical Switches, a feature PC gamers have eagerly anticipated. The TITAN II Mechanical Switches boast an optimized transparent housing, allowing for dazzling RGB lighting effects, and are pre-lubricated to provide ultra-smooth actuation. With a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes, the Vulcan II guarantees durability and reliability in every gaming session.

COGconnected, in its review of the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, awarded it a remarkable 94/100, hailing it as “An excellent option for PC gamers looking for a reliable yet affordable gaming keyboard.” The accolades for the Vulcan II don’t end there, as it joins its siblings in the Vulcan II lineup, receiving high praise from fans and reviewers alike. IGN, Tom’s Hardware, PCMag, and CGMagOnline have all recognized its allure, solidifying its place among the best gaming keyboards of 2023.

For PC gamers seeking a superior gaming experience, the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a must-have addition to your arsenal.



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