Discover the Power of Necromancy in The Unliving’s Apex Necromancy Update, Now Available on Steam Early Access

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RocketBrush Studio and Team17 Digital have unveiled the highly anticipated update, #apexnecromancy, for their action-packed rogue-lite RPG, The Unliving. This latest update introduces a wealth of features requested by the community and introduces an exciting new mode called Vow of Deicide, which challenges players to push their undead abilities to the limit.

One of the key additions in #apexnecromancy is the radar system, a valuable tool that guides players through the treacherous world of The Unliving. The radar highlights points of interest and provides a clear path to each boss encounter, ensuring players never lose their way. Additionally, a proximity tracker has been implemented, enabling players to locate the next soul shard with ease and efficiency.

The update also revamps the mechanics of the Necromancer’s undead army, allowing players to exercise greater control over their hordes. Players can now strategically manage the number of simultaneous units, merging them to create stronger undead beings with enhanced health and damage. These improvements empower players to fine-tune their strategies and conquer their enemies with newfound might.

The Unliving immerses players in a captivating tale of a vengeful Necromancer’s quest for redemption. Through each death, the Necromancer grows stronger, acquiring knowledge that will aid him in his pursuit of an antidote to heal his broken soul. As players traverse the brutal and procedurally generated world, they will face challenging battles, epic boss encounters, and gather powerful spells and resources to restore their citadel.

To dive into the world of The Unliving and experience the thrilling new update, join the Early Access on Steam. Stay connected with RocketBrush Studio on Twitter and Reddit, and join their active Discord community to engage with fellow players and stay informed about upcoming developments.

Are you prepared to embrace the power of necromancy and uncover the secrets of The Unliving? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!


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