Kwalee Partners with Digital Mind S.L. to Unleash an Exciting 2D Action Adventure Game: The Spirit of the Samurai

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Spanish game developer, Digital Mind S.L., has entered into a publishing agreement with Kwalee, a renowned UK-based games publisher, to unveil their latest creation, “The Spirit of the Samurai.” This upcoming 2D stop-motion action adventure game promises to be a remarkable addition to the gaming landscape.

In this extraordinary gaming experience, players will assume the role of Takeshi, a courageous samurai in feudal Japan, determined to safeguard his village from the clutches of an Oni and his army of undead soldiers. Inspired by the fascinating world of Japanese mythology, “The Spirit of the Samurai” introduces players to a range of legendary creatures, including tengu, undead beings, and the fearsome Jorogumo. With its stop-motion cinematic style, the game offers a visually striking and immersive adventure.

“The Spirit of the Samurai” not only showcases the technical prowess of Digital Mind S.L. but also highlights the creative vision and innovation that Kwalee is known for. Together, they strive to provide gamers with an unparalleled gaming experience that combines captivating storytelling, unique gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals.


Photo:  KWALEE

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