Endswell Medical Launches Ethical Franchise in Undead Inc., a New Roguelike Resource Management Game

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Endswell Medical, a renowned pharmaceuticals company, is making waves in the gaming industry with the introduction of their debut title, Undead Inc. Developed by #rightsizedgames and published by Team17 Digital, this roguelike resource management game invites players to take on the role of managing director of their very own Endswell Medical franchise.

Unlike traditional management games, Undead Inc. offers players an ethical and above-board experience. The game emphasizes the importance of running a successful business while ensuring safety and ethical standards are upheld. Players will need to grow their pharmaceutical empire, meet demanding targets set by the board of directors, and keep their operations transparent and compliant.

While the public-facing side of Endswell Medical appears clean and respectable, the game takes an interesting twist by exploring the company’s hidden underbelly. Behind closed doors, players will delve into the development of bioweapons, questionable pharmaceuticals, and dangerous technology to sell to the highest bidder. Balancing these secret activities with the public image of the company becomes an intriguing challenge.

However, as the saying goes, “the truth will out.” Eventually, players will need to uproot their operation and flee with as much wealth, research, and equipment as possible. Starting afresh in a new town, they must establish a brand-new corporation and continue the cycle of growth and deception.

Undead Inc. promises several key features that will captivate players. Research plays a vital role, with players venturing down an ethical gray area to develop highly lucrative and potentially dangerous products. The choice of base location also adds strategic depth, as each biome presents unique opportunities and challenges. As the directors’ crimes catch up with them, the adrenaline rush of fleeing with valuable assets to fund the next venture adds to the game’s thrill. Finally, the importance of management cannot be overlooked, as hiring the right team members with specialized skills is crucial for success.

Undead Inc. offers an intriguing blend of management, strategy, and morality, challenging players to make tough decisions and manage the consequences.


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