Modiphius Entertainment Opens Pre-Orders for BRIKWARS, the Ultimate Build-Your-Own-Wargame

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Modiphius Entertainment, a renowned tabletop board game publisher, has recently announced the commencement of pre-orders for the highly anticipated final edition of Mike Rayhawk’s BRIKWARS. Enthusiastic fans and creative gamers can now prepare themselves for an epic battle by securing their copies of this innovative build-your-own-wargame.

BRIKWARS takes players into the fantastical realm of the BrikVerse, where originality is waning under the weight of conformity. Challenging traditional brick-building norms, this game empowers players to embrace absolute chaos and restore balance through imaginative and unrestricted creations. From valiant knights riding motorbikes armed with hand grenades to tri-colored death machines equipped with pirate cannons loaded with nuclear warheads, the possibilities are boundless. The only question during the BRIKWARS is not “why?” but rather “why not?”.

The rulebook for BRIKWARS promises an exhilarating experience, featuring an arsenal of custom weapons spanning various categories to orchestrate battles of cataclysmic proportions. Additionally, players can delve into a rich variety of specialist units to complement their army and an expansive MOC Combat system that accommodates the wildest corners of their imagination. The rulebook also includes a collection of captivating narrative campaigns called Heroic Escapades, specially designed to satisfy the colossal egos of the army’s greatest Heroes. And for those inclined to test the boundaries, a guide on how to break all the rules is included as well.

This long-awaited release marks a milestone for BRIKWARS enthusiasts and offers an opportunity to engage in a game that combines strategy, creativity, and limitless possibilities. Dust off those long-forgotten bricks and prepare for a tabletop wargaming experience like no other.


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